The GirlsCodeIt Applications are Open!

The GirlsCodeIt Executive Board Applications are open! 

This is a great opportunity for a leadership position and a strong extracurricular activity for your resume! All girls can apply and no coding experience is required for any of these positions! Applications close on September 4th, 2020, and there will be a short interview after submissions. 
You can apply for the following board positions:

  1. Website designer - Help update the website with new information as requested.

  2. Director of Communications - Send out emails for events and classes and manage our contact list

  3. Video Producer/ Editor -  Create and edit short videos for our social media and youtube

  4. Director of Partnerships - Find partnerships & keeps track of planned collaborations

  5. Treasurer - Helps establish finances and keeps track of potential donations

  6. Blog & social media writer - Writes for pages/blog on the website and for social media

  7. Social Media Manager - Manages social media, help grow our social media pages

  8. Director of Art - In charge of creating posts for social media and website as needed

  9. Director of Marketing- Help promote organization and events through various platforms

  10. Chapter President - Lead events and share the organization with local community

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