GirlsCodeIt Board Responsibilities

  1. Director of Communications

    1. Reach out to student run magazines/issues that can feature us or our “story”. 

    2. Create and Send weekly newsletter to members

    3. Always keeping track of events and sending reminder emails for them

    4. Work with other director of communications 

  2. Director of Arts

    1. Create digital artwork and posts for instagram(~3 posts per week). Art does not have to be detailed and not all posts will have a lot of art. Some will just be text and small designs on the side.

    2. Must have experience in digital art

    3. Design art for the website if necessary 

  3. Director of Partnerships

    1. Reach out to potential organizations that we can host events with. 

    2. Work with education director to plan what events we can host with other organizations

    3. Reach out to notable women in stem to host webinars/panels

  4. Treasurer​

    1. Set up donations

    2. Reach out for donations

  5. Manage finances

  6. Director of Education

         *To become a director of education you must complete 2 weeks of volunteering with us before applying

          1. Help develop courses

          2. Help manage volunteers

          3. Work with volunteers to create lessons

          4. Must have coding experience (preferably python, web dev, game dev, app dev)

  7. Website designer

          1. Edit/update the website as needed

          2. Collaborate with the editor in chief in organizing the website

  8. Social media manager

          1. Help grow our social media pages

          2. Manage social media messages, followers, posts, etc

          3. Contact other organizations through social media when doing partnerships

  9. Blog & social media writer

          1. Write posts for our social media & website weekly

          2. Help create weekly newsletters 

          3. Work with website designer and director of marketing 

  10. Chapter president

          1. Lead/host events in local community 

          2. Share the organization in their area 

          3. Work with main organization directly

  11. Director of marketing

          1. Work with other director of marketing to promote organization 

          2. Promote when they are new events, courses, panels, etc. 

          3. Find the best ways to promote



  • No coding experience is required for any position except for Director of Education!


Thank you for applying!