Q: Do any of our services charge money?

A:  No, our tutoring sessions and courses are all free of charge!!

Q: How long are our webinar lessons?

A: Our lessons are usually around 30 -45 minutes.

Q: What do volunteers do?

A: Our volunteers help tutor students and help teach during the webinars

Q: Am I qualified to become a volunteer?

A: Volunteers must be in high school and have some level of experience in coding. Especially with languages like Java and Python (the more comp sci experience, the better!)

Q: What will I learn from the courses?

A: You can choose what you want to learn! Our meetings cover topics from Java topics to Scratch games. Sign up for any class that you're interested in!

Q: Can anyone sign up for classes?

A: We welcome anyone who is willing to learn, for reference our member's age range ranges from 7-17.

Q: Where can I sign up to receive notifications of events?

A: You can sign up to receive notifications through our 'Become a Member Page' or by signing up for one of our events on the 'Upcoming Events Page'

Q: Where can I sign up to be a tutor?

A: If you are interested in becoming a tutor, fill out the form on the 'Volunteer With Us Page'! If you want to be put on the meet the team page, provide us with a headshot of yourself along with your bio!


Q: Who are the volunteers?

A: Our volunteers are high school girls who are experienced with coding and want to help make a difference in the comp sci world as well as empower young women to know they are supported by others just like them!

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