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General Information

Our Courses are in collaboration with Girl Plex!

Our Python classes begin on Saturday, September 5th.
Recommended age group: Beginners of all ages!

Cost: FREE

Class dates and Topics: 

 - September 5th - Intro to Python

 - September 12th - Data Types

 - September 19th - Conditionals

 - September 26th - For Loops & While Loops 

 - October 3rd - More Loops

 - October 10th - Lists & Sets

 - October 17th - Functions

 - October 24th - Dictionaries

 - October 31st - File Input/Output

 - November 7th - File Input/Output

 - November 14th - Final Project

Our classes take place every Saturday at two different times based on the time you sign up for:

9am - 10am PST/ 12pm - 1pm EST

3pm - 4pm PST/ 6pm - 7pm EST

Week 1
Sept. 5th

Intro to Python 

Students will learn...

a. The importance and benefits of Python.

b. Print and input statements.

Week 2
Sept. 12th

Data Types 

Students will be learning...

a. String Properties

b. Operators

c. Declaring Variables

Week 5
Oct. 3rd.

more loops

Students will be learning...

a. More advanced loops

b. Nested loops

c. Break and Continue

d. Try and Except

e. Iterations

Week 6
SaturdayOct. 10th

lists & sets

Students will learn...

a. How to declare lists and sets.

b. The difference between lists and sets.

c. Indexing

d. List functions

e. Set functions

Week 3

Sept. 19th


Students will be learning...

a. If/Else Statements

b. Booleans

Week 7
Oct. 17th


Students will learn...

a. The purpose of functions

b. The "anatomy" of a function

c. Returning values

d. The difference between local and global variables

e. Algorithms and Abstractions

Week 4
Sept. 26th

For loops and while loops

Students will learn...

a. The difference between for loops and while loops

b. Range 

Week 8
Oct. 24th


 Students will learn...

a. Keys and Values

b. Dictionary Functions 

Week 9
Oct. 31

file input/output

 Students will learn...

a. CSV File

b. Text File 

Week 10
Nov. 7th

File Input/Output

 Students will learn...

a. CSV File

b. Text File 

Week 11
Nov. 14th

Final Project

Students will work on...

a. Their Final Project