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How the pandemic has affected the lives of women in the tech industry

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

By Anjali Dubey


2020 has been a terrible year for everyone. The pandemic has affected all of us irrespective of our age, colour, nationality, occupation etc. And although COVID-19 is found to affect men more severely , this year women have been hit by its effects in ways which are much more than its effects on our bodies.Here’s how women in tech and their careers were impacted by the pandemic.

According to a second annual Women in Tech report published by TrustRadius women were much much more likely to be laid off their jobs(about 8%) as compared to their male counterparts(about 5%). Also a higher percentage of women experience childcare burden as well as additional family responsibilities as compared to men.Increased amount of chores, personal as well as professional stress, lack of a strong support system and the constant pressure to be productive has resulted in poor mental health among women.

Despite these negative effects, as always women have emerged victorious above the challenges imposed on them. They have used this time to upskill themselves and have increased their knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. More and more young women have developed interest in new STEM fields and have started pursuing their passion for the field by taking online courses,interning, increasing their network and have found communities of like-minded women in the industry. So, you can too use this time productively, explore careers and opportunities and find your passion whether that be for psychology, history, literature or computer science!

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