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How to be more involved in STEM in high school

By Anjali Dubey

As a high school student interested in STEM fields we often tend to look for opportunities that can help us expand our knowledge and give us more practical experience in the field. High school can be a great time to do so as it not only helps you to be more involved in school, but also prepares you for entering your chosen field in college. So, here’s how you can be more involved in STEM as a high schooler:

Join/Start a club: Almost every school has clubs related to STEM fields. Clubs not only help you to participate in STEM related activities but also help you to interact and socialize with like minded individuals. If your school doesn't have a STEM club and allows students to start one, starting a club is also a great idea. Not only will starting a club provide a place in your school for those interested in STEM, but it also serves toincrease your leadership experience and improve teamwork.

Participate in competitions: Whether on a local or domestic level, there are tons of STEM related competitions ranging from science, math or cyber olympiads, robotics competitions, hackathons and many more, these competitions allow you to test your knowledge as well as give you a really great idea of things you need to work on in the future.

Attend summer programs: Every summer, various universities like Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, MIT etc organize amazing summer programs to introduce young minds to STEM. A lot of other summer programs like LaunchX, Girls Who Code summer immersion program are great as well. These programs offer an amazing exposure to students from across the world and have great financial aid resources as well.

Join/Start a non-profit organization: What's better than combining your passion for STEM and helping those in need? Joining a non-profit organization as a volunteer allows you to share the knowledge that you have with those who might not be privileged enough to have access to the same. Also starting a STEM related non-profit allows you to not only do volunteer work but also learn about teamwork, organization, leading events and programs which help in your personality development as well.

Build your own passion project: Whether it's writing a research paper, building an app or a website, publishing a book, starting a podcast or youtube channel, passion projects are a great way to express your passion for STEM as well as build your portfolio in high school.

These are some ways in which you can be more involved in your field of choice in high school which will allow you to not only get a first hand experience in STEM but also helps you in connecting with like minded individuals who are as passionate about STEM as you are and learn valuable skills like collaboration, teamwork, communication and responsibility.

Do you have any more ideas for the same? Leave them down below!

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