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How to Start Learning a Programming Language and Keep up with it

By Anjali Dubey

Knowing how to code is one of the most efficient skills that one can have in today’s time. Although learning a programming language may seem like an extremely rigorous task, it is getting started with it that requires the most amount of determination. So if you’ve done that, congratulations! If you’re a beginner and are struggling how to keep up with programming here are some tips we have for you :

1- Choose your fighter- Java, Python, C++,Javascript and many more. There is an inexhaustible range of programming languages to choose from so first you need to decide which one of them to learn. Each of these languages have their own advantages and disadvantages.Depending upon your style of learning and the kind of projects you wish to create and pick the one which suits you the most.

2-Resources- If you’re someone who is being taught or has been taught a programming language in school, you already have access to the resources required for it but if you're trying to get into coding by yourself there are a variety of resources available online as well as offline.

If you learn better with videos then you might want to choose an online course. There are a wide variety of courses that you can pick from depending on cost, time commitment and topics.

If you prefer teaching yourself through a book then you can check out your local library, book stores and amazon to get good study materials.

3- Asking for help- Since this is your first time coding or studying computers at all, there are going to be times when you will get stuck and don’t worry that’s completely normal! Never be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Reach out to friends or relatives who might be familiar with the programming language, teachers at your school or look up tutorials on the internet.

4- Take regular breaks- Always remember that taking regular breaks is extremely important. It has been proven by multiple studies that taking breaks helps you retain information more efficiently.

5- Don’t give up- Sometimes you may feel that it is too difficult or if you want to give up, remember what you started this for. Whether you’re doing this for a school project, to use your time productively or to increase your skills, it is going to benefit you in the future so keep trying and maybe you’ll end up doing something you never imagined you would!

Good luck on your journey with coding.We wish you the best!

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