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International Day of Women and Girls in Science

By Anjali Dubey

Gender inequalities in the field of STEM have continued to exist for a very long time. Despite various setbacks in the field, constantly struggling to prove their excellence, being stereotyped and judged, women have continued to lead groundbreaking innovations and changing the future of STEM. They have led research teams, space expeditions, discovered technology that has never been seen before and made our future brighter with their intelligence. Gender Equality has been included as one of the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) to be achieved by 2030.

The UN General Assembly on 22nd December 2015 decided to establish The International Day of Women and Girls in Science to recognize the important role that women play in science. This day is celebrated every year on 11th February to end gender inequality in the field of science and technology and encourage women and girls to contribute to STEM fields. The outbreak of COVID-19 in the past year has made us realize the critical role of women researchers especially in the field of medicine and therefore, the theme for this year is “women scientists at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19” and will gather experts working in fields related to the pandemic from different parts of the world. The event will take place virtually.

The day is celebrated to recognise the contribution of women in STEM across the world throughout history as well as inspire and empower young women and girls to develop an interest in the field. The programmes of the event aim to inculcate the spirit of solidarity and support for and among women working in the field and to throw light on the struggles of women in science and technology. Although this is one of the most remarkable events held every year for women, we should also realize that every day should be like this. All of us should work together to bridge the gender gap in traditionally “male-dominated fields” and dedicate every single day to acknowledge the struggles and hard work of those spectacular women leaders who have worked and those who continue to work in STEM and defy gender stereotypes every single day to set an example for us young girls and remind us that the women are the future of STEM.

You can even register for the online event organised by the United Nations which will take place on zoom using this link!

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