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Looking to learn programming for free? Here are some recommendations

By Anjali Dubey

According to the coursera 2020 impact report, there has been a 353% increase in the number of online course takers as compared to other years. The lockdowns imposed due to covid-19 and the shift towards online education has led to a tremendous increase in the popularity of online courses. Programming has been ranked as the #1 course to learn this year and everyone from school and university students, working professionals to senior citizens have used this time to improve their programming skills.But sometimes these courses can be extremely expensive and might not be worth their price so here’s some recommendations for free resources that can help you begin your programming journey:

1- Girls Code It- We here at girls code it offer free online courses ranging from web development, python and java where you’ll be able to learn the basics of programming and create your own projects through weekly online lectures. Make sure to check our website for more info!

2- Coursera and edX- These are some of the most popular websites and offer a ton of free online courses in collaboration with about 200+ universities ranging from Harvard’s CS50, Python for everybody by the University of Michigan, Game programming by University of Colorado and many more. Although you might have to pay extra for the certificate, the lessons are completely free.

3- FreeCodeCamp- FreeCodeCamp is an online learning platform that uses an interactive approach to teach you different programming languages of your choice ranging from java, python, HTML,css etc.You can learn to code by completing different coding challenges and building projects on your own pace.

4- Khan Academy- If you’re a student I’m certain that you must have heard of Khan Academy but did you know that they offered computer science courses like drawing,animation,games using JS and making interactive web pages using HTML and managing data with SQL? All these courses are completely free and will easily equip you with the necessary skills.

5- Youtube- Youtube is one of the most popular ways to learn any skill including computer programming.From millions of videos to choose from, youtube offers the largest selection of resources that will help you learn to code in the method that suits you best.

All of these resources are a great choice for anyone looking to learn the basics of programming. But remember that at the end of the day it is your commitment and dedication which will help you succeed. Now matter what recourse you choose to learn from, make sure that you are consistent and committed towards it, find the course that suits you best and begin to learn!

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