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Python Class 1: Intro to Python

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Lesson 1: Intro to Python

Welcome to the 1st Python tutorial!

Python is the world’s fastest programming language. Solve complex problems in short lines of code and in less time. It is beginner-friendly and makes your life a lot easier. From mathematicians to web developers, everyone can use Python. Exhausted by filling out long spreadsheets? Wasting valuable time everyday to manage files or proofread data? Just write a Python program and automate all these tedious tasks! Not to mention, Python is the leading language used in AI, Machine Learning and Data Analysis.

Topics we will be covering:

· Benefits of Python

· Usage of Python

· Basic Information about Python

· Types of Errors: Syntax errors, Logic errors, exceptions

· Setup of accounts

· Basic coding functions: print(), input()

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