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What Does The 5G Future Look Like?

By Spandana Bansod


While many seem to think about 5G as just a fast version of 4G, it’s actually so much more than that. With significantly reduced lag, way faster speed, more efficiency and greater load capacity, it’s going to change forever technology for the better.

Who Invented It?

While no person or company in particular, some of the biggest names in tech have been working towards it. Here are some of the most famous ones out of them:

  • Huawei

  • Nokia


  • Intel

  • LG

  • Ericsson

  • Cisco

4G Vs. 5G

Some major advantages 5g has over 4g

  • 4G can support about 4,000 devices per square kilometre, whereas 5G will support around one million

  • While 4g stands at just around 20Mbp/s, 5g goes much faster at about 50 Mbit/s to 1.8 Gbite/s

  • Latency for 4G is around 20-30 milliseconds, but for 5G it will reach well below 10 milliseconds, and in best cases around 1 millisecond delay

  • Lower Error Rates

  • More user capacities; faster network in densely device-populated areas

Biggest (Non-Personal) Uses


While you may argue that wearables, IoT, AI, Telemedicine, and even more technologies 5g usually boasts are already being used even without 5g, to some degree, 5g will just make them better and also introduce many new ones. From full-fledged, high quality and interactive telemedicine, to practicing complex surgeries through VR/AR for medical students and professionals, healthcare is one of the most promising fields 5g has in offer.

Ultra-connected wearable devices

With 5g, wearables would no longer be limited to just watches and fitness trackers, but would be embedded instead everywhere; your clothing could tell if you’re pulse is going too high, contact lenses would tell you the directions to your friend’s home, and your shoes would count how many steps you walked. While that may seem like a sci-fi movie, it’s the reality of 5g.

Smarter Cities with even more connected IoT

From self-driving cars to advanced vending machines almost totally replacing in-person stores, the 5g future for city-wide 5g communities is bigger than you’d imagine.


Now before you rush out to buy the latest 5g phone your friend told you about yesterday, realize that although 5g is something to look forward to and hold high hopes for, it is not very stable and different from 4g right now, being in a developmental stage, so it’ll probably do better to hold on for now from actually buying it.

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