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Why You Should Learn Coding

By Anjali Dubey

Ever since the pandemic began last year, most of the world went into quarantine. All of us realised that with online education and a more flexible daily schedule, we would have a lot of free time on our hands. Thus, most people found that the most sensible way to utilize this time would be to learn a new skill. Many of these people picked up various new hobbies like cooking, art, and graphic design, and some even started building small businesses or enrolling in online courses. According to coursera, there has been a 353% increase in the number of online course takers in 2020, and of the millions of topics available, one of the most popular online courses has been those of coding. So if you’re someone who hasn’t gotten around to trying to learn how to code, here are some reasons why you should start:

  • It opens up a world of career options

Coding is a basic requirement for most tech related jobs, so learning how to code can be extremely beneficial if you are looking to pursue a career in tech in the future. There are plenty of job opportunities in this field throughout the world, and with each coming year the field grows more and more.

  • It improves your logic and problem solving skills

“Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer.. Because it teaches you how to think.”

-Steve Jobs

Coding is an exercise for the left or the more analytical part of your brain. It forces you to think logically, figure out a solution, and then execute the problem in your own way, thus immensely improving your problem solving skills.

  • Helps in developing interpersonal skills

Apart from helping to develop your logical and problem solving skills, coding helps to develop your soft skills as well. While working in a team, it improves your collaborative skills and allows you to understand and work better with different people.

  • It improves your creativity

Against the common misconception that coding is only computational, boring, and frustrating, it also has a creative side to it. While learning to code, you not only need logical thinking but also need to analyze and understand the problem to find a creative logical solution to it. Therefore, coding allows you to combine both logic and creativity to create something that will benefit the world.

Apart from these, learning to code has many more advantages. It is one of the most popular skills to learn during these years and has countless career opportunities in the future. If you’re a confused high school student like me, you have probably tried out a ton of things in school and are always looking for something that interests you. Learning how to code is an extremely beneficial use of your free time. There are a number of free and accessible online resources including GirlsCodeIt which is available online to assist you with learning, and you can check out one of our previous blog posts for a list of free online resources for coding.

Do you have any tips or questions about coding? Leave them down below.

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