stem session01

how to start a tech club

STEM Session 1 goes over:

- How to create a tech club, whether inside or outside of school, using 8 important steps as a guide.

- Goes over ideas, suggestions, etc. to help you kick start your tech club. - Covers the types of clubs such as in-school clubs, or organizational clubs.

stem session02

intro to github

STEM Session 2 goes over:

- The basics of GitHub, the brief history of Git, and the differences between the both.

- Explanations of what GitHub is for, and a few simple commands on how to get started.

- Reasons to use GitHub and how Git and GitHub interact with each other is covered in this video.

stem session03

Data analysis

STEM Session 3 goes over:

- The introductions of data analysis, why it’s useful, and what you need to successfully create visual representations of data.

- Types of data, and what needs to be done with the data to make it legible for computers.

- A quick introduction to libraries in Python is given, along with its uses.

stem session04

Data analysis pt.2

STEM Session 4 is a more hands-on approach to data analysis. Goes over:

- How to get started with organizing data, and how to make visual representations of data, using Python.

- Instructors go over examples of organizing data, and gives explanations behind what their code does.

stem session05

python libraries with a vpython demo

STEM Session 5 goes over:

- Installing, importing, and using python libraries / modules. 

stem session06

guest speaker/panel with Jessica zhang

STEM Session 6 goes over:

Student panel with Jessica Zhang, a senior majoring in computer science at the University of Maryland. In our panel, she discusses the inspirations that led her to start coding, her transfer process, and college experiences and how they were affected by COVID-19.

stem session07

How to Start your CS Career in High School

STEM Session 7 goes over:

Internships: https://code.likeagirl.io/a-high-scho...

Learn more here: https://www.computerscience.org/resou...

stem session08

We bare bears escape room

STEM Session 8 goes over:

A review of the web dev HTML lessons: https://forms.gle/zRb3pCfk98RRkenS7

stem session09

 History of Women in STEM

STEM Session 9 goes over:

-the history of discrimination in the STEM field and how to make a difference in a largely male-dominated field!

stem session10

Create a discord bot workshop

Sign up to be a part of our workshop where we will be creating a Discord bot!